3 reasons to get artificial grass if you have a dog

10th March, 2016

There are a few myths that have been circulated regarding artificial grass and pets, particularly dogs. Things like, “dogs don’t like the smell of the stuff” or “the feel isn’t comfortable for them underfoot.” Now we don’t know where these misconceptions originated but we’re here to dispel a few of them! In fact, we’re going to do more than that; we’re going to give you three reasons that you should replace your natural lawn with an artificial one, if you have a furry friend living with you.

  1. You have a suitable play area all year round

Having a garden is a must if you have a dog. They need somewhere safe and enclosed to play in, somewhere to go to the toilet, and a general area that they can get some fresh air and exercise. The drawback of having a natural lawn here in Britain is that it’s very much dependent on the weather. During summer you tend to be okay however whenever we have a heatwave it can leave your garden looking dry and bare. During winter, you see anything from water logged patches to frozen over lawns which means your pet can’t really play.

  1. No muddy paw prints in your home

One of the drawbacks to having a dog is undoubtedly the mess. Sure they tend to get away with murder once they flash you the sad eyes but there’s no denying that you do feel like screaming bloody murder when your dog comes bounding in from playtime in the garden, it’s been raining and you see a trail of muddy paw prints from your kitchen, right through to the living room. Not great when you have a cream carpet. Artificial lawns have no mud as they don’t need soil to grow which means you can wave goodbye to muddy paw prints when it’s raining!

  1. Toilet time is simple and easy to clean up

When your pooch has to do its business, a natural lawn tends to soak up number ones. A fake lawn allows for liquids to easily drain away and solids can be very easily picked up with no muss or fuss! We apologise if you were eating whilst reading that but it’s the reality of having a pet!

Find out more about artificial grass and how artificial grass for dogs can change your pet’s life.


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