5 Benefits of installing artificial grass in your home

11th August, 2015

Child Friendly

It’s Britain, it’s raining and your kids want to go in the garden and seemingly roll around head to toe in mud. We can’t stop the rain, but we can take away the mud. Artificial grass doesn’t get slippy when wet so no nasty falls and both the grass and sand filler are completely harmless, even if eaten.

It will always look great

Made with the best quality UV stabilizers and colouring agents, radiation from the sun has absolutely no effect on the colour of the grass. Meaning whatever the elements, your garden will look sublime for up to 20 years. Any damage that is suffered can easily be repaired by simply cutting out the damaged area and laying down a new piece of lawn.


Quickgrass is supplied from within the EU, manufactured to European quality standards and has the RADICI Certification of Non-Toxicity, basically, our grass is harmless and lead free. This leaves you free to use it anywhere without restriction and dispose of in any way you choose.

Environmentally friendly

The fibres used to make the lawn do not contain any plasticizers, detrimental dyes or heavy metals. Not to mention not having to water or fertilize. So not only is the grass safe for people, it’s also keeping an eye on the earth as well and who doesn’t want that?

Saving time and money

Lastly and perhaps most importantly. No more waiting for that 30-minute period of sun to drag the lawnmower out of the shed. No more pulling out weeds. No more untangling the hosepipe and no more forking out on fertilizer. Easy on you and your wallet.

To enquire about getting artificial grass for your home contact us at Quickgrass.

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