A quick reminder from Quickgrass about the benefits of artificial grass

1st July, 2016

We’ve been working in the industry for many years now so we know the benefits of an artificial lawn inside and out. But we realise that not everyone has heard of artificial grass and might not know what they’re missing out on. So read on for a guide to the benefits of the fake stuff!

Low maintenance

It is widely accepted that the most hated chore in the household is tending to the garden, specifically, mowing the lawn. It is frequently cold, wet and windy here in the UK, which makes the job that much worse. However, artificial grass doesn’t grow so you can do away with the lawn mower; freeing up your spare time! You can also say goodbye to pruning, trimming, watering and any kind of chemical use. Despite waving these chores away, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful, lush lawn that looks amazing 24/7, 365 days a year.

Children & Pets

If you’re lucky enough to have children and pets in your home, you’ll know the importance of having a great garden space for them to enjoy. You’ll also know some of the frustrations of having that combination, especially in winter. Many parents don’t like letting their children and animals play in the garden when it’s extremely muddy because of the mess; which is completely understandable. Little kids and animals can be messy enough without the addition of mud. With artificial grass you have no mud whatsoever to deal with, which means a cleaner house, a less stressed parent and happy kids and animals that have a place to play all year round!


Getting a natural lawn to look spectacular seems to be pretty much witchcraft at this point; especially with the unpredictable weather we have here in the UK. But a natural lawn looks amazing, whatever the weather, with no work whatsoever. You can achieve that garden show look within a blink of an eye!

For more benefits or to enquire about our artificial grass in London contact us today at Quickgrass.

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