Artificial Grass and Autism – Sam’s Story

28th April, 2016

This story is sure to warm your heart and we challenge anyone to not feel moved by it. We recently supplied our Richmond grass to a family in Birmingham who wanted it for their autistic son. Sam, aged five, is nonverbal and a result of this, he finds the world a very frustrating place. He presents challenging behaviour and he does not accept touch as a form of comfort. He needs lots of space because he has a constant need for movement to soothe himself, and loves being outdoors roaming the garden. However due to the sensory issues young Sam has, he enjoys playing with mud and will often scoop it up to rub onto his face. He also eats the mud, which his parents find worrying. Sam also loves to perform cyclical routines, meaning that he will often insist on walking round the garden, into the house and back out again but because of his love of mud and moss, he makes a mess on his little travels. His parents find that when they try to remove Sam’s muddy clothes to prevent mess in the house, he becomes distressed as he doesn’t understand why he is being stopped from completing his routine.

Sam’s parents, Matt and Lisa, always wanted a beautiful and safe environment for their children to play in. Sam has a younger sister who is three, and their parents just wanted to sit and watch their little ones play freely in a lovely garden. Their garden was very wet and muddy and Sam would often not be allowed outdoors in the conditions without constant supervision. Matt and Lisa had been considering artificial grass for some time, however they felt that the samples they had received so far from other companies were disappointing, and not what they had in mind for little Sam and his sister. That all changed though when they discovered QuickGrass.

“From the moment we spoke to Richard and David at Quickgrass, we realised that it [having artificial grass] was something that we could do and was something that would not only meet our needs, but would also look and feel good too. We were given four large samples of grass to take away that they recommended for children to play on and also for their high quality aesthetic appearance. Having the larger size samples was great as we were able to not only touch them, but walk on them and stand on them barefooted to feel the quality. Sam and his sister loved them. She kept using one as a garden for her doll’s house, and Sam liked to stand on them and press them against his face. Within a week, we had chosen our grass, paid for it and had it delivered. Being an outstanding local business, not only did Quickgrass provide us with exceptional service, but they also wanted to do their bit to help Sam. Additional Samples and offcuts were provided to us for use as part of a sensory wall for Sam, which will be attached to one of the garden’s fence panels.

artificial grass birmingham

Now the grass is laid, the garden is fantastic. It is a sanctuary for us as a family. The children are able to play out in any weather and Sam can go in and out of the house as many times as he wants. He loves lying face down on the lawn and rubbing his face against the amazingly soft grass. It feels nothing like we had expected when we first thought about artificial grass. It is soft, almost high quality carpet like in its feel underfoot. Sam has his space again, and for probably the first time in 2 years myself and my wife sat together, still, on the decking enjoying watching our children play in the garden. We didn’t even move when it started to rain!”

artificial grass birmingham

See? What a beautiful story. We are thrilled that we were able to help this family, and love hearing that Sam and his younger sister are safe and happy on their gorgeous new lawn! Artificial grass, once again, has proved that it can really play with the big boys when it comes to gardens and landscaping. Take a look at the photos Matt and Lisa provided us, and make sure you check out our website for more stories and case studies of happy customers!

artificial grass birmingham

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