Artificial Grass for dogs

Anyone who owns a Dog may have been led to believe that animals will not enjoy artificial grass as much as natural grass; but this is just a common myth. In actual fact, they find artificial grass soft, enticing and enjoyable and will comfortably play on it and use it as frequently as they would do if it were real grass. So there is no need to worry about your dog not liking the look, smell and feel of artificial turf, as they can play to their heart’s content without a care in the world!

Because artificial grass for dogs from Quickgrass is so easy to maintain, your pet will be able to play happily on it all year round without having to keep them inside when you need to use fertiliser on your lawn, mow it or weed the garden using potentially harmful and dangerous chemicals. And, because it will not freeze over your cat or dog will enjoy exploring their surroundings even on the coldest wintry days.

Pets can be messy creatures, but with artificial grass there will be no wear or tear, staining or unusual smells. Artificial grass is completely permeable, so urine will drain through the turf surface, and faeces can be removed quickly, leaving behind a pristine, untarnished lawn. There will be no visible muddy patches on your artificial lawn, nor will you see any dirty paw prints inside your house. With the addition of artificial grass, your garden will stay looking as fresh as your floors, and your pet will enjoy life both inside and outside the home.

Quickgrass has a range of products which are perfect for gardens that are used by animals, and all artificial grass comes with a quality guarantee. Artificial lawns are quick and simple to install, which means that switching over to artificial grass is an uncomplicated procedure, so neither you nor your pet will have to go without the use of your garden for an extended period of time.

For more information regarding which type of artificial grass would best suit your individual requirements get in touch with Quickgrass today on 01527 579 841.