Artificial Grass for Nurseries and Schools

9th October, 2015

QuickGrass being as great a product as it is, is perfect for use in schools, nurseries and other childcare settings. You name it, if there are to be children there, artificial grass is the safest and cleanest way to go. With living grass, you have the mud to think of, the weeds, and let’s not forget children’s tendency to put things in their mouths. With artificial grass, there’s not of that. No mud to get their clothes dirty, no conspicuous weeds or nettles growing up through the earth, nothing for little hands to grab hold of and place into curious mouths. It’s all clean and safe.


QuickGrass artificial grass is tested to absolute highest standards and conforms to all the necessary EU regulations. The fibres the grass is constructed from does not contain any toxic materials such as heavy metals, harmful dyes, and so it’s completely safe. Plus, due to the artificial grass not requiring any fertilizer or other chemical nutrition, it’s even safer.

The texture of artificial grass these days is nice and soft and is extremely hardwearing. It holds up well in bad weather, and thanks to our clever permeable system the grass doesn’t stay wet for long after a rainy spell meaning no chance of slipping whilst playing. No wet clothes either. The sand we use when installing the grass is totally safe and in no way harmful to children.

Our artificial grass for Schools is easy to maintain and clean too, and spillages can be sluiced off pretty easily. This means that anything your little one drops during a play session be it ice cream, juice or an abandoned jam sandwich won’t stain or stick to the grass. It’s durable and long lasting. We wouldn’t sell anything less.

Quickgrass artificial grass is made to the highest EU Standards conforming with reaction to fire in floorcoverings. You can put paddling pools and inflatable swimming pools on it too, without that ‘a UFO landed in the garden overnight’ effect – you know the pain of seeing that on your lawn! It’s lead free, recyclable, and has a life span of up to twenty years… what more do you need to know?

Get in touch with us today and we can guarantee in no time you and your little ones will be seeing and experiencing the benefits of your new artificial grass in no time.

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