Artificial Grass FAQs – How can we help?

Here are some of the most common artificial grass FAQs we get asked at Quickgrass covering a range of topics from artificial lawn installation, to maintenance its suitability for dogs, pets and children’s play areas, to name but a few. We hope you find the answers useful and will add further question and answers periodically so please check back for future updates.

We have many years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of artificial grass and if you feel that there are useful questions that we could add to this page, please let us know and we’re always looking for ways to make the process of acquiring a synthetic grass space at a domestic or commercial property as transparent and as ‘painless’ as possible. As part of this process, did you know we offer FREE samples of our grass ranges so that you can see which range feels best for you? Simply go to our FREE Samples page, complete the simple order form and specify 2 types of grass you’d like us to send you and we’ll get them to you asap!

However, if you have a question to which you can’t find an answer in our FAQs, then please get in touch with us on 01527 579 841 or drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.

QuickGrass FAQs

Quickgrass artificial grass is weather proof and can last up to 20 years.

All our grasses at Quickgrass can be installed with or without sand infill. It really just depends on the level of activity that’s happening on your grass after installation, but the benefits of infill are

  • Helps maintain the pile structure.
  • Protects the anchor point of the grass.
  • Turning and twisting on the grass is helped by the sand taking up the pressure of the foot weight & movement on the grass.
  • Extreme heat in the summer helps absorb the temperature.
  • When placing heavy Items on top of the grass the sand will help take up that added load protecting the grass fibres. e.g Swimming Pools, Large garden structures .
  • Sand Infill can help on DIY projects where a rigid fixing frame has not been used.
  • This will help weigh down the grass and keep the surface even and crease free when using with fixings u pins.
  • A minimum of 5kg silca sand per M2 should be used , on areas which will have very heavy footfall you can increase the sand application
  • With sand application a simple stiff brush against the pile when applying the sand.
  • Regular brushing with plastic rake and brush will help maintain the look of your grass and remove any particles that have landed into the surface.

No, neither the artificial grass nor filler sand is harmful to people or animals in any way.

Wintry conditions such as frost and snow are not problematic for artificial grass and you can still walk on it. One thing to note however is that where snow has melted and been walked on it may form a layer of ice on top of the grass which could contain some of the grass fibres. If this ice is removed by hand it may damage the grass so it’s always best to allow snow and ice to melt away naturally.

Yes, you can place an inflatable pool on your artificial lawn and the grass will not discolour or die. When the inflatable pool is moved the fibres will be flattened after having a heavy weight press down on them however brushing the fibres afterwards will return them to their upright position. Yes that’s right – no more bare patches after the paddling pools been put away!

Yes, it is very suitable. Artificial grass around the swimming pool will be used more intensively which will flatten the grass more than if it were only used as a decorative lawn. Naturally, it will be more difficult to straighten the grass over the years. But ordinary grass would be totally unsuitable in this instance. Even if artificial grass is somewhat flattened over the years, it will remain green and clean.

Yes Quickgrass is highly resistant to both sea and chlorinated water.

Yes, very important, Quickgrass is supplied from within the EU and therefore meets the strictest quality standards. Quickgrass has the RADICI Certification of Non-Toxicity, meaning our grass is lead free. This means our product can be used anywhere without restriction. Quickgrass can be recycled, dumped or burnt as normal waste.

Yes, ISO9001 & ISO14001.

Any damage to artificial grass can be repaired. The damaged piece of artificial turf is cut out and replaced by a new piece. It is therefore advisable to save any remnants of grass left over after installation. These can be used for any repairs.

Go onto the product you wish to purchase and key in the metres required from the roll width available and we will work out the price for you.

Yes, go to our Request a Sample page.

Yes, between 5 and 10 years.

Between 2 to 4 days.

Yes, please refer to our Shipping Policy.

Yes, minimum order is 1 metre square.

There is minimal maintenance, sweep and wash with water every 12 months or when needed.

Artificial grass is nice and soft and extremely durable, children will love playing and crawling on it. Artificial grass isn’t slippery when wet and after a downpour of rain it will not remain wet for long. After a short time, the children can go out again and play, and you won’t have to worry about them getting muddy or wet. Artificial grass is ideal for play areas. Both artificial grass and the sand filler are absolutely harmless, even if eaten by small children.

Quickgrass Artificial Grass is fire resistant and comes with the very best European safety standards, however fire and hot objects should be kept away from artificial grass. Quickgrass is made of a high-quality synthetic material. They will not burn, but will melt when it comes into contact with fire and hot objects. If you choose to add kiln dried sand to your grass after laying, the sand will add an extra extinguishing effect and is fireproof.

Yes, the fibres do not contain any plasticizers, detrimental dyes or heavy metals (lead chromate), making our grass entirely safe for both people and the environment. We guarantee that the fibres comply with the strictest standards. Supplied from within the EU. EU standards EN 14041 and EN13297. And of course as there is no need to water or fertilize this in itself is preserving the environment as well as saving you money and time. There are no dangers known by having artificial grass in your garden.

Quickgrass has small holes in it that drain away rainwater quickly and easily. Yes, artificial grass is very permeable.

Having artificial grass in your garden or on your balcony will not cure hayfever but it may help reduce symptoms and mean you can enjoy spending time outdoors in your garden.

Have a look at our Quickgrass Installation Guide and see the easy to follow steps.

Well analysis of some manufacturers of inferior yarns with Asian, Chinese or US origins have showed the presence of metal containing dyestuff. Upon ageing grass containing lead can cause poisoning. Choose Quickgrass, Choose lead free!

Yes we supply the complete range of products for both joining your Quickgrass as well as suitable weed proof under membrane, waterproof adhesive for joining and fixing to hard surfaces as well as Quickgrass U Pins for installation to the ground.

We supply Quickgrass throughout the World so we recommend if you do not wish to install yourself please complete our online Request a Free Survey and Installation Quotation. Alternatively please telephone us on 01527 579841. We will then arrange for one of our specialist landscaping contractors to contact you for a convenient appointment.

Yes you can install your artificial grass yourself. Please take a look at our easy to follow DIY Installation Guide. Alternatively if you do not have the time or would prefer your Quickgrass lawn to be installed by one of our specialist landscaping contractors please complete our online Request a Free Survey and Installation Quotation or telephone us on 01527 579841. We will then arrange for one of our specialist lanscaping contractors to contact you for a convenient appointment.

As long as a weed barrier has been laid beneath the sub-base , no weeds will grow through from underneath your grass. However you will need to brush / rake with a plastic rake the surface of your grass on a regular basis to stop air borne seeds germinating and creating weeds in the surface of your artificial grass.

Quickgrass has excellent UV stability and is made with the best quality colouring agents and UV stabilizers having been tested for colour-fastness and UV resistance. UV radiation has no effect whatsoever on the colour of the grass. Your artificial grass lawn can endure sun, rain, hail, or snow but will still remain attractive and will not fade.

Yes, football, tennis, badminton, cricket , bowls, all the usual activities that you might play in your own garden but instead of the muddy wear and tear, bare patches caused by all that play you’ll always have that beautiful pristine garden lawn!

Spills can very easily be cleaned off. Drinks, ice creams, spilled food should be removed and then rinse with water afterwards. Take care not to use just solvents or harsh cleaning products as these may harm your artificial grass.

Artificial grass can be installed in virtually any shape or location. Even hills present no problem, as long as they are not too steep, of course. The foundation must be suitable for artificial grass to be attached to it.

Artificial grass is dog-friendly and perfectly dog-proof, even if they accidentally answer nature’s call (dog urine / dog mess ). The grass will not be discoloured by it. Simply pick up the larger parts and wash away with water.