Artificial Grass Hemel Hempstead

11th March, 2016

These busy Londoners, eh? They never stop. We said last week about how Londoners need to just sit for a while and smell the roses – that’s still the case and here’s how artificial grass can help.

We’ve said before how adaptable artificial grass is and we mean it – most of our approved installers will tell you the same, and they’ll also tell you how easy it is to have artificial grass as dual purpose. What we mean by that is, you can have our artificial grass for children and pets so they can run around and play in a safe clean environment but then when it’s grown up time, you can use the artificial grass for entertaining and relaxing. It’s so easy to use and if you require, one of our approved installers can draw up a garden design for you with elements for both the children and the adults.


Artificial grass can be used in gardens with live flower beds and plants, live shrubs and hedges as well as water features, rock bed and crazy paving. Londoner pride themselves – well, they like to think that, should we say – on the fact they’re ‘cutting edge’ and that London is so current and trendy. Our QuickGrass slots right into that idea! We’re always looking to create new looks and use our grass within new design briefs, so London is the perfect platform for that. Londoners want cutting edge, fashionable homes, to be up to date with trends and to be one step ahead of the pack and that’s why we’re loving that our artificial grass is being used across London.

We many installers able to lay our artificial grass in London, in the city centre and beyond. For any queries you can always contact us – in Bromsgrove we may be but should you call us for a quote for having our artificial grass in Hemel Hempstead, we’re ready for you!

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