Artificial Grass in Ealing continuing with our showcase, if you will of London areas, this week we’re looking at Ealing. Nicknamed the Queen of the Suburbs, Ealing is highly multicultural and beautiful in many places. Walpole Park for starters is just lovely with a café, kid’s playground, stunning ornamental ponds and a rose garden, and is perfect for summer adventures. The park is home to many a festival in Ealing too, holding blues and jazz festivals to name just a couple. Ealing also has a fantastic farmers market where you can pick up fresh fruit, meats and cheeses, cakes and flowers every Saturday. The Broadway retail centre is the place where you’ll find hustle and bustle, busy shoppers and also hungry shoppers! Home to high street retailers as well as independent boutiques, along with cafes and restaurants, if you’re after a shopping experience when you’re visiting Ealing then this is the place to come to.

Brent Lodge Animal Centre is a small zoo where you can find monkeys, goats, hamsters, Guinea pigs, spiders and birds amongst other creatures and is well worth a visit with the children if you are in the area. There are many restaurants and bars too for you to choose from, ranging from good old British cuisine to Mexican and Thai, plus pubs to boot. Living prices are average for London too, with a houses hare coming in at around £90 per week, bedsits around £160 a week, and houses anywhere from £450 a week upwards. A one-bedroom city centre apartment however comes in around the same price, so if you’re considering Ealing for your home, look further afield and further out from the centre of town.

Artificial grass can be used in smaller gardens as you know, as well as larger gardens, as well as on balconies so no matter where about in Ealing you live, there’s a solution for you. We can get our artificial grass to Ealing, no problem, so get in touch with us today if having an artificial lawn is something you’re considering!

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