Artificial Grass in Notting Hill

If you haven’t seen the film – some folk haven’t! – then you won’t have romantic notions about Notting Hill. Perhaps you think it’s very upmarket, fancy, maybe even a bit… laa-de-dah, but truth is, Notting Hill is really an amazing place. Yes, so the cost of accommodation is astronomical, £400 per WEEK for a studio bedsit however the melting pot of culture and history there is fantastic. Filled to burst with antique shops, high end beauty salons, shopping opportunities, restaurants, bars, pubs, comedy clubs, art galleries and of course the famous Portobello Road market, Notting Hill is a must see if you’re visiting London. If you only visit for one thing however, make it the phenomenal Notting Hill Carnival, a huge parade of floats, marching bands, performers, calypso music, mouth-watering food, steel drummers, colourful costumes and an all-out Caribbean theme. It really is a sight to behold, and thousands flock to the area each year for the occasion.

Living in Notting Hill however expensive, if you can afford it comfortably, then it really is worth it. A mostly quiet and secure neighbourhood with a significant proportion of residents being successful professionals and well-to-do families, Notting Hill is the place to live if you want the finer yet reserved things in life. Notting Hill isn’t flashy or ostentatious; it’s charming, classic, and very spacious. You can taste the clean air there, feel and see the space around you. There aren’t many narrow streets lined with row after row of social housing, nor are there run down off licences on every corner. You’ll find well-kept shops, peaceful pubs and bars – no loud and brash brawling drunkards at 3am – and of course, as previously mentioned the beautiful market named so because it runs the length of Portobello Road. Selling flowers, music, second hand goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, clothing… you are definitely sure to find a bargain there.

Artificial grass could very well fit in down there, so if you’re a resident of Notting Hill and you’re interested in keeping your lawn looking fresh and crisp all year round, but more importantly, natural looking, contact QuickGrass for all queries relating to artificial grass in Notting Hill.

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