Artificial Grass in Winter

5th November, 2015

Now the cold has well and truly set in, there’s no mistaking it; it’s grim outside. Leaves are piling up and getting soggy, the clouds won’t blow away, the air bites your cheeks and you can start to feel low. If you have children they can feel frustrated and cooped up, pets too. You don’t want them running round outside in the mud and wet bringing dirt in with them. You don’t want more grubby clothes adding to the laundry pile either because you can’t hang it out on the line to dry, so it’s draped over doors and radiators. The whole house feels locked in.

Older people can feel isolated in winter. They worry about slipping outdoors on wet leaves or decking in their gardens, and for those elderly people who enjoy gardening they can feel as though they’re neglecting the outdoor space. Winter can really put a downer on your days.

The thing about artificial grass though, is that during winter it doesn’t get wet or muddy. It’s safe and non-slip too, easy to clean and extremely durable, so you can send the kids and dog out for a run around to burn off some pent up energy. There’s no chance of muddy footprints or paw prints, no chance of worn or bald patches, no big puddles, and if the kids do have a slip, they’ll not get muddy knees because artificial grass has no earth.

It’s safer for the elderly too, again because its non-slip. It requires little maintenance and is extremely resilient so it’s no trouble if it’s not brushed for a week or two due to heavy rain or frost. It really holds its own in winter, keeping the colour and thickness no matter what the elements throw at it.

QuickGrass artificial grass is fantastic. Our prices are competitive and we pride ourselves on top customer service because we believe in our product. We want people to be able to enjoy our artificial grass all year round, and that’s why we only sell the best grass; thick, lush, soft underfoot and long lasting. Call us today to break up those wintery blues and add some brightness to your garden today!

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