Artificial Grass Kensington

You hear Kensington, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? The Royal Palace? Kate and Wills? Probably. Kensington is home to not only the Royal Family, but to many beautiful museums, gorgeous parks, sprawling mansion houses, grand looking open spaces, immaculate squares and absolutely picturesque residential suburbs. Large department stores, luxury restaurants, on-trend clothing boutiques, antique shops, it’s all there in Kensington for the absolute upper of the upper class.

Parisians tend to flock to Kensington because of gorgeous architecture and way of life is similar to their homeland, and the elegant charm draws not only Parisians in, but many other affluent folk, making Kensington the most sought after area of London to dwell. The price of renting apartments is astronomical however; expect to pay around £4000 a month for a two-bedroom property! You must be prepared to act fast if you intend to place a genuine bid as many other rich folk will have no problem pipping you to the post with cash offers.

There are lots of beautiful places for children to play too, with Hollands Park playground full of equipment to use and let steam off with. The Diana, Princess of Wales Playground is beautiful and well worth a visit too. Museums and child friendly restaurants are littered about too, so don’t feel that children aren’t welcome. It’s a great place to live and raise a family, if you have the cash!

Where would artificial grass fit in? Would the residents of Kensington be open to the idea of artificial grass? Or would it go against the grain in the beautiful up market area? Well, we think it would fit right in. Here’s why: crisp lawns all year round no matter the weather. That. Right there. Keeping up appearances has never been so easy with artificial grass, and especially as we’re the only stockists of the exclusive ‘Soft Touch’ range we would be the perfect supplier for residents of Kensington and their well-manicured gardens. Installing our artificial grass in Kensington isn’t a problem either as we have teams all over the city, so get in touch today.

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