Artificial Grass North Wales and Artificial Grass Worcestershire

21st December, 2015

We said in a previous blog how it was possible to get our artificial grass to customers pretty much all over the UK, and here are another two fine examples! We got our fantastic Stratford artificial grass all the way to North Wales for a customer and boy, does it look the part! It was installed over decking which is a perfect fit; non-slip, soft underfoot, easy to maintain and perfect for all weathers. Stratford over Decking in North WalesThe drainage holes in the thick latex backing to our artificial grass make it super easy for the grass to dry in the open air, meaning you can spend more time using the grass. It’s really soft and feel just like living grass, and it looks like real grass too thank to the lush greenness of it. Our artificial grass brings a touch of the tropical to your home no matter where you live, because it never loses the gorgeous colour. It’s easy to install too, as the nails used to fix the grass down to the decking simply go straight through and are hidden by the long lengths of grass. If you’d prefer, you can simply have the grass loose, kept in place by plant pots or your outdoor furniture. The choice is yours, that’s how adaptable our artificial grass is!
STRATFORD GRASS OVER DECKING WORCESTERSHIREWe sent our Stratford artificial grass to Worcestershire too, for the same purpose, straight over decking. It looks great and breaks up otherwise plain surroundings. It’s durable and safe, making the garden hospitable all year round. That’s why we’re top of our game for artificial grass – if you want beautiful, long lasting and affordable artificial grass then we can get it to you, no matter where you are! Get in touch with us today and let us show you real customer service!

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