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20th December, 2013

Installing Artifical Grass from Quickgrass is an easy option. Whether you are interested in clearing the ground and installing your Artificial Grass yourself, or you may prefer using one of Quickgrass’s Approved Installers to install our grass for you.

These are some photographs of a recent installation completed by Landscapia, one of Quickgrass’s Approved Installers based within the West Midlands area. This garden has been totally transformed from overgrown landscape to a simple decking and Artificial grass area which will require zero maintenance.

These days so many of us lead very busy lives, what with work, school, hobbies, we sometimes don’t want the hassle of mowing the lawn every week or weeding, feeding, spiking, sanding and all those other things we seem to have to do in order to have that perfect lawn. Well those who have decided the time is now right to invest in an artificial lawn can relax and enjoy the visual benefits that an artificial lawn can bring without all the time and effort normally associated with a beautiful lawn.

Even if your not working, you may be retired this is a great alternative to turf. Keep your garden looking as you’ve always kept it from years gone by yet there’s no need to try and struggle with that lawn mower that might be becoming a bit heavy now.

Contact Quickgrass Limited based in Worcestershire for your Free Sample Pack and have a look at the realistic range of grasses now available, you’ll be surprised how good they look these days.

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