Artificial Grass Westminster

2nd February, 2016

With more and more social housing being needed, local green space is being wiped out and most people in the city of London especially those on low incomes are living in a concrete jungle, like those in Peabody Trust properties in Westminster. Most of these homes are built quickly and compactly, comprising of narrow gardens. Trees are sparse too. Councils, like Westminster, have budgets which are often spread thinly so it’s easier to have expanses of concrete rather than grass or flower bed which require maintenance. Any suitable space the council would rather build a property on, rather than have a bit of green grass. Sad, but true.

Here at QuickGrass we know something most councils and housing associations don’t. We know about artificial grass. Our grass is thick, lush, soft underfoot and best of all, it requires pretty much zero maintenance. It’s clean too, no mud. There’s no need for a mower either of course, as our grass isn’t live (although you can’t tell, we promise!) so it doesn’t grow out of control when left to its own devices. This means that once a council authority has paid the initial outgoings for the artificial grass, there isn’t anything else they need to worry about. With artificial grass, you don’t have to care about overgrown grass or plants while it’s left alone. It’s stable, it’s robust and it’s hard-wearing. Our prices are competitive too, so it’s not going to cost an absolute a fortune. You’re paying for so much more than the grass. You’re paying for peace of mind, no maintenance, durability, excellence and top service.

QuickGrass artificial grass takes so many stresses out of everyday life and we’re here to help. Our easy to use online measuring guide makes it simple for you to find out how much artificial grass you need, so that the procedure is quick. What are you waiting for? Councils could save so much money and bring something fantastic to their residents by investing in artificial grass in London. Take the pressure off your budget and start giving the outdoor space under your authority an overhaul, and let us show you how beautiful the area could be with QuickGrass artificial grass in Westminster.

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