Big trends in gardening this year

28th April, 2016

Much like home décor and fashion, landscaping and gardening follows certain trends, year in and year out. Different styles fall in and out of favour as people find new ways to build themselves a beautiful garden. This year there are three main trends that have been at the forefront of landscape and garden design.

Adventurous colour

At one time, fences, gates and sheds were all painted in the same colour palette; white or brown. However, we’re seeing more people indulging in brighter, more adventurous colours with fences and gates popping up in green, blue, pink, yellow and purple. Planting colourful flowers in your beds is another great way to add some flavour to your garden, if a bright fence or shed isn’t your thing.

Moving the indoors, out

We’re sure you’ll have noticed a massive upswing in the sales of garden accessories such as fire pits, Jacuzzis and rattan garden furniture. This is because there’s a huge trend of being able to recreate the comfort of your home, outside. This kind of outdoor living is ideal for summer when you get to laze in your garden, long into the night.

Low maintenance

As ever, we’re pretty lazy when it comes to maintaining our garden. We’re more than happy to invest in a beautiful garden but it seems, we’re reluctant to put in the extra work to keep it looking pretty. Artificial grass plays a massive part in achieving low maintenance gardens. Obviously, artificial grass doesn’t grow so it cuts out the necessity of mowing, pruning, weeding etc. More and more people are turning to artificial grass to achieve their perfect gardens.

These are the biggest trends of 2016. What are your plans to brighten up your outdoor space? If you’re looking for artificial grass in London to achieve your perfect garden, contact us at Quickgrass today.

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