Cheap Artificial Grass and also the Best!

20th June, 2014

Cheap Artificial Grass

Here at Quickgrass we stock a range of different qualities of our Artificial grass.

Our cheapest artificial grass is a really good quality grass and manages to look and feel excellent value against many other cheap artificial grasses that are being manufactured.

Working in partnership with one of the largest European manufacturers of artificial grass we carry a complete range of stocks from our cheap artificial grass to our exclusive premium range.

If your looking to install cheap artificial grass make sure you first have a look at the Quickgrass range. Our artificial grass looks and feels so much like real grass. Its quite unbelievable say some of our customers, the latest manufacturing processes using polypropylene have allowed Quickgrass to stock a range of high quality realistic looking artificial grass.


Our Artificial grass is the perfect alternative to both commercial and domestic landscaping projects including holiday, caravan and theme parks, swimming pool surrounds, children’s play areas, nurseries and toddler areas, gardens, balconies, shop displays and exhibition stands.

In the first instance we suggest you request one of our free sample packs to see for yourself our premium range of artificial turf. Once you have had the opportunity to examine for yourself our artificial grass you can make an informed choice and select the best and most suitable artificial grass for your particular application.

Whichever grass your thinking of Quickgrass have a diverse selection of artificial grass to suit a wide range of budgets. Whether its our cheapest artificial grass or our premium artificial turf its really easy to order online off the Quickgrass website or by telephone and speak with one of our friendly members of staff.

Installing artificial grass is quite a straight forward process and if you have a look at our installation guide you will find a full and comprehensive description of how best to install your new artificial lawn. You may prefer to have your artificial grass installed by a garden landscaper or specialist paving contractor who will have experience fitting an artificial lawn. Quickgrass do have a number of independent landscapers who we have worked with throughout the UK who would be more than happy to provide a competitive quotation for installation. Just complete the install information request on our website or please telephone to discuss your requirements if you prefer.

Once your artificial grass is installed whether its cheap artificial grass or our premium brand artificial lawn you can sit back and really enjoy that perfect lawn all day everyday! In fact whether it’s the cheapest artificial grass or the best artificial grass that we supply the level of week to week maintenance is very low indeed with the occasional sweep and wash with water is all that is needed.


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