Covering a BIG Area with QuickGrass Landscaping Grass

15th February, 2016

Our fantastic grass products aren’t just perfect for regular residential gardens, nurseries, schools, care homes or static caravans. Our artificial grass is just the job for big sprawling landscapes such as those you see across holiday home sites, public gardens, luxury homes and other areas where expanses of lush green grass is found.

Artificial grass as it used to be known is still thought of as AstroTurf, and so from time to time we’ve been known to call ours ‘landscaping grass’. For us, the term conjures up images of a sturdy, ore robust and realistic looking grass – even though we know our artificial grass is all of the above! – and so we hope people are more inclined to consider purchasing it for their larger scale gardens and so on rather than dismissing it due to the belief that it’s going to be scrubby and short AstroTurf.


We have lots of installers in areas all over the UK all many major cities such as Birmingham and London, West London in particular and are proud to say every installer we work with is professional and fantastic. No job is too big or too small for our partners, they love challenge just like we do and we think our artificial landscaping grass looks incredible across large open spaces and areas. Big cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and London often have many residential areas and work buildings, with not much green space so it would be great to see our artificial landscaping grass pop up all over those concrete jungles! We have had enquiries from quite a few areas in West London in particular, maybe it’s becoming the latest trend down there! We’re pleased to see our artificial grass in London doing so well, and hopefully we can conquer another huge city soon!

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