Customer Feedback

4th April, 2016

Here at QuickGrass we love to hear feedback from our customers, and when we received an email from a customer recently it was no exception! The lady had our bestselling soft touch Woburn installed by London Lawns, and she is absolutely thrilled with the results.

“Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my new lawn! Lots of positive comments and couple of people coming to see it and get in touch with Colin Adair from London Lawns who fitted mine. I am super pleased, the kids love it and no more muddy footprints through the house after them going outside! Hurrah!”

hayley hayley2

We reckon that’s the best kind of feedback! Our artificial grass is fantastic for kids because it’s so durable but soft and safe at the same time. It’s the perfect dual purpose surface for anyone with children; looks great and takes the stress out of maintenance for the parents, and is soft and safe yet hardwearing for the kids. What more could you ask for from artificial grass? What’s even better is that because our artificial grass isn’t live (obviously – the clue’s in the name…)  there’s no mud, and no mud equals no mess equals no need for carpet cleaner! It’s UV stable too, so it stays that lovely vibrant colour no matter the season. Jackpot.

We say this all the time in our blogs, artificial grass is brilliant for homes with kids. Parents love it, the kids can’t tell the difference, it’s durable, has longevity of life and looks gorgeous all year round. Dogs love it too, and we often get asked which is the best artificial grass for pets. The answer to that is all of our grass is suitable! So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

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