DIY in Alcester: Richmond Self Install

1st June, 2016

How long have we been banging on about how we can get our artificial grass to you and about how we have installers all over the nation? It’s very true, we can and we do, but there’s something about a good old self install that we love to see. We love seeing our grass looking amazing and crisp, especially if it’s been laid by the customer themselves. We know the amount of hard work that goes into laying artificial grass and so it’s really nice to see the end result.

This self-install was done by a couple in Alcester recently using our Richmond grass and wow, it looks great! It was quite a large area too, so you can surely gauge the amount of (potential!) blood, sweat and tears that went into this. The thing is, with a few basic DIY skills, anyone can achieve this and what with the weather now being a lot warmer and easier to work in, it’s something you can work on as a family or with friends finishing up with drinks afterwards. It’s great to look out at your hard work and know that it’s that little bit more special. It makes your home yours, too.

image3 image2 Quickgrass

We have a handy step by step guide on our site for those of you who wish to self-install, meaning that there’s no trawling through YouTube to look for tutorials. That’s the QuickGrass way – cutting out the middle man and taking you straight to the jackpot. Artificial grass doesn’t have to be a mystery, so make sure you come to us for your grass, your advice, your guidance and your aftercare!

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