Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass from Quickgrass

26th June, 2013

Quickgrass Artificial Grass products are dog friendly and perfectly dog proof. Both you and your pets will love the benefits of having an artificial lawn. Fitting your garden with artificial grass means it will not only look great but it means you eliminate the mess

which can be caused by pets when they return indoors from playing in the garden on a wet day. No more muddy paw prints inside your house, on floors and furniture, also the dog itself will remain clean and tidy too.

With artificial grass you won’t see any muddy patches or wear and tear on your artificial lawn and the garden will stay looking tidy. Artificial grass is so easy to maintain. It doesn’t require fertilising, mowing, or use of any chemicals for weeding so you’ll be free to let your pet play on it throughout the year. Your grass won’t freeze over so dogs and cats can enjoy running around outside on even very cold days and those too muddy to play days will be a thing of the past. Your pet will enjoy artificial grass just as much as natural grass and will play on it and use it in just the same way but without the mess.


No need to worry about staining and smells, artificial grass is permeable so urine drains through the turf surface and is absorbed into the ground as normal. Dog mess can be easily removed, simply pick up the larger parts and if necessary wash away with water. There will be no stains or smells and your lawn will not become discoloured or damaged in anyway.

Many dog owners who have artificial lawns wish they’d faked it years ago!

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