Don’t let downpours get you down

24th March, 2016

If you woke up today and were a little surprised to find it absolutely chucking it down, then you’re not the only one. It looks like the April showers have arrived early. After weeks of blue skies and dry days, we don’t think anyone was expecting to be subjected to a downpour this morning. Alas, we live in Britain which means that not only does the weather not stick to the seasons, it’s so unpredictable that you need to carry an umbrella round with you 24/7.

The most annoying thing about the fact that it’s raining, is that it’s still actually quite warm. Rain during spring/summer is a double whammy of disappointment. In winter, you expect bad weather so you plan accordingly. However, no matter how long you’ve lived here in Britain, you always get caught out by the rain during spring and summer. Every single year.

We all do it. We plan garden parties, BBQ’s and a whole host of outdoor activities and assume it will never rain. Which of course, is a mistake. So if you’re looking out of the window at the rain right now and seeing a completely waterlogged garden which will take at least a couple of days to drain and dry up, we feel your pain. There go your Easter bank holiday plans for your garden!

However, there is one way to beat the rain: artificial grass. By installing artificial grass, you can really show the rain what for. Of course, having a fake lawn isn’t going to stop it from raining, but it means that you can plan your garden activities, and if it does shower or rain, you won’t be left with an unusable, waterlogged and muddy garden. Once it’s stopped raining, you can get right back to the fun! No mud, no mess, no problem.

Don’t let downpours get you down. Contact Quickgrass to find out more information about our artificial grass in Buckinghamshire.

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