Easy as One, Two… Green!

2nd September, 2015

If you’re thinking that you don’t have any options when it comes to your outdoor space because it’s so small, then think again! QuickGrass can help you transform what little space you do have into a lovely little outdoor haven just for you. Take for example a balcony. They’re often small, restricted, and if you live in a council property especially you’re not really allowed to do much to them. A friend of the company who lives in Swansea decided he wanted to spruce his balcony up, making it brighter and bring a bit of greenery to an otherwise concrete surrounding.

The process was simple, yet the results are great. Our Soft Touch Woburn was chosen, and instead of our usual installation process where we would visit the property and lay a sub layer of stone and firm sand prior to the artificial grass being laid, it was merely as easy as measuring the size of the balcony floor and cutting the artificial grass to fit. The grass was then simply laid down snugly in the recess of the balcony and hey presto, a private little open-air haven of greenery to relax in and watch the world go by. See for yourself in this time lapse video…

Another recent installation we did was simple too, yet remarkable and really clean looking. Mr and Mrs Slater already had wooden decking down in their garden but found that it was becoming slippy and didn’t feel safe. They decided that they wanted grass instead, and chose again our Soft Touch Woburn artificial grass. This installation was easy, as the grass was measured to fit the decking and then simply nailed down round the edges. The beauty of the Woburn is that the pile thickness is so luxurious and deep, it hides the nails beautifully. The pre-existing decking with gaps in the slats makes it perfect for any rain or water to seep straight through the artificial grass and away from it, almost like an instant drainage system, so there was no need to install a sub layer underneath the artificial grass. See for yourself just how striking and crisp it looks

woburn on Decking-Bromsgrove

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