Enjoying gardening in your twilight years

16th March, 2016

Gardening is a popular pastime and hobby for a large number of people. Putting time and energy into your garden and then sitting back and admiring the work you’ve done can be extremely satisfying; especially in summer when your garden is in full bloom.

If you’ve got green fingers, then it’s only natural that you’re going to want to continue with your hobby when you retire. In fact, it makes sense that it is at this point in your life when you’re really got the free time to dedicate to your hobby.

However, gardening can be quite laborious and once we reach a certain age, it’s inevitable that our bodies aren’t capable of moving in the same way. As we get older, our mobility, range of movement and energy levels aren’t quite the same as they once were, especially if we develop arthritis. It’s natural and a normal part of the ageing process. But where does that leave us in terms of indulging in our favourite pastimes?

We can’t be expected to give up the things we enjoy just because we’ve gotten a little older and if gardening is your go-to hobby, there are certain adjustments you can make to ensure you can still tend to your garden.

Investing in some new gardening tools will do you a world of good. For example, a garden stool is a handy accessory to help you reach those low down daffodils whilst supporting your back and knees; longer shears allow you to reach to the same heights as you did before without straining too much; and investing in rubber grip sleeves for your tools allow you to keep a firm grip on whatever you’re holding without exerting too much force.

If you have quite a large lawn, replacing it with an artificial one is a great way to cut down the physicality of keeping your garden looking great. Mowing, watering and aerating a large lawn takes up a tremendous amount of time and energy and let’s face it, it isn’t an enjoyable part of gardening. By replacing your lawn with an artificial one, you cut all that hard work out.

Artificial grass has come on leaps and bounds since its inception. So much so that it’s extremely difficult to tell the difference. It will also leave you with more time and energy to focus on the more pleasant aspects of gardening. It’s something to think about if you love gardening but are finding it increasingly difficult to keep on top of things.

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