Festivals and their mud

1st July, 2016

Festivals are a rite of passage when you’re a teenager; it’s a chance to get away from your parents for a weekend, have fun with your friends, see some great music and express yourself. Every single teenager should go to at least one festival in their lifestyle no matter what it is; Leeds, Reading, T in the Park, Bestival or the big one – Glasto.
If you’ve seen the media coverage of Glastonbury you’ll have seen that the majority of the festival is mud. Mud, mud, mud.

It’s always the way, no matter what festival you go to however this year at Glastonbury it’s been one of the worst years. You don’t seem to mind when you’re young, having fun with your mates and you’ve got a lager in your hand.

No matter how muddy it gets, people just throw themselves into the fun and get on with it. It’s of course, all down to the shocking weather we have here in the UK. Over in the US, their festivals aren’t beholden to the weather; you don’t catch festival goers at Burning Man or Coachella knew deep in the mud.

As you get older though, you don’t really want to be putting up with that kind of mess, but your garden can get just as muddy as Glastonbury whenever we get torrential rain. Which, let’s face it, could be as frequent as every couple of hours during British Summertime.

If you don’t fancy your garden turning into a muddy, festival nightmare, consider replacing your lawn with artificial grass. This would mean when it rained, you wouldn’t get a water logged, muddy garden! You can even hold your own festival – sans the mud! Contact us here at Quickgrass to find out more about our artificial grass in London.

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