Gold medal winning grass

18th August, 2016

If you’re anything like us, you’ll currently be in the midst of Olympic fever. It’s been enthralling hasn’t it? Great Britain have done fantastically and are adding to the medal list every single day. We’re currently second in the medal table which is an astonishing feat – we’re even beating China!

Of course, we’ve been totally captivated by the amazing athletes from all of the countries taking part, not just our own. The US women’s gymnastics team has been absolutely unbelievable, especially Simone Biles.

Watching all these amazing athletes has got us so inspired. I mean, not enough to actually start training or anything, but you know, inspired internally. But it did get us thinking about our products and whether or not they’d get a medal if there was an artificial grass Olympics.

And do you know what? We really believe they would. Our Cheltenham Artificial Grass would definitely pick up the gold medal. It’s our thickest and most luxurious range but is also super soft. Because it has a double thick layer of black latex that acts as a second backing, it’s one of the most durable and tough grass ranges we have.

It is for those reasons that we would present gold to our Cheltenham Artificial Grass!

If you’d like to see and feel this amazing grass product for yourself, why not order a free sample from our website? You can even order a number of artificial grass sample to compare. Just head on over to the main part of our website to get started!

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