Green Space in London

17th March, 2016

London does have its green space. According to recent findings, 47% of London is green space but it begs the question; where is all this green space? Is it solely confined to the more affluent areas?

Or is it spread equally among the inner cities and smaller more residential, council owned areas? It’s great to hear that London is making a massive effort to be greener and bring nature to Londoners and tourists alike but there is no two ways about it that London is THE business capital. The cost of living in London is significantly higher compared to other cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool therefore despite the wages paid to Londoners is higher, the hours worked per month must be higher too. That means less time at home, and even less time in the garden.

That’s why our artificial grass is such a Godsend! All it needs is a sweep with a stiff brush now and then to keep the fibres looking natural and straight. It doesn’t overgrow, it doesn’t fade or grow in patches, there’s no mud to contend with, no weeds…  You know the story by now! Inner cities are prime candidates for artificial grass; having artificial grass in Wandsworth for example would be fantastic. The closer to the centre of London, the more likely the living costs will be higher and as we said, that means more working hours and less time at home. When you do have time at home as a busy Londoner you want it to be stress free, so why not see why having artificial grass in London is the way forward by checking us out online and seeing if we can’t tempt you into having a beautiful new, easy but stunning lawn?

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