In Case You Were Wondering

22nd February, 2016

So you probably read by now that we’ve got brand new stunning grass, and that it’s rather fancy. It’s a little more expensive but it’s worth it. But maybe you’re wondering if the swish new grass we’ve got is able to withstand the same as our other grass. After all, all that money and you don’t want it ruined, right? We hear you. Well don’t worry – our new grass may be swanky but your pooch can still run around on it and have a good old roll and a sniff without doing any damage. The same goes for the kids too. They can do all the usual high jinks and have fun, just as they would on natural grass or our older grasses. Our new grass is made for family life and for socialising on. It’s simply stunning and it would be a shame if it just sat looking pretty.

We understand that installing artificial grass can be expensive so you want to look after it and keep it fresh, but that really doesn’t mean not using it. Our grasses really do need playing on, sunbathing on, picnicking on, running on. . . You name it, our grass can take it. Our new grasses especially feel gorgeous underfoot so you need to take those shoes and socks off for a little stroll around on it once it has been installed. It’s such a lovely feeling and don’t forget – no mud.

Our artificial grass is incredible and we’re loving the reaction we’ve had to our new styles. We’re loving the idea of artificial grass for dogs because we’re dog lovers here at QuickGrass and we’ve seen for ourselves how dogs love the grass too! Kids, families, adult, everyone can enjoy artificial grass especially if you buy it from QuickGrass!

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