Jack Frost and Artificial Grass

29th January, 2016

It’s the same every year. You assume the worst of the cold snap is over once Christmas and New Year is all over and done with, but every January us Brits are astounded at how cold it is. We open our curtains in the morning and find the grass is covered in that glittery dust and our cars need defrosting and then we exclaim ‘How cold is it!?’ to everyone we see on our way into the office. It’s like we’ve never seen snow or frost before.

In the hurry to get home from work in this biting weather and strip our wet clothes off we often neglect our gardens. Besides we leave in the morning when it’s dark and get home when it’s dark, and the weekends are for running round doing errands and shopping, spending time with the kids and family. It’s easy to forget all about your garden, then when the spring creeps in you’re left with a mammoth task of starting pretty much from scratch. You might even have to plant a whole new lawn, which then means not being able to use it for a while. If you’ve got children and dogs, this can be a nightmare.

The great thing about our artificial grass is that it can withstand frost, even heavy snowfall. All you have to do is wait for the snow to melt and the clever drainage system allows it to all trickle away through the tiny holes in the layers beneath the grass. The kids and animals can jump straight on and enjoy a good old running around session, keeping them fit during winter as well as toasty warm as their heart gets pumping and their muscles get working. You don’t have to worry about patches of dead grass after winter either, because this simply doesn’t happen.

Our reputation for having the best artificial grass for dogs and children is one we’re are naturally proud of, and we don’t mind saying that it’s well deserved. Our prices are competitive, our customer service is next to none and we have a great range of different grasses to suit all budgets. Why don’t you check out our website and see for yourself?



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