Just to Be Clear – Artificial Grass for Pets

16th March, 2016

We’ve had quite a lot of enquiries regarding our artificial grass and its suitability for pets. We’ve posted on our blogs a lot about artificial grass for dogs but a theme we’re noticing running through the enquiries is the concern that when the dog digs in the garden, they will damage the artificial grass. This is a tricky one. The thing is, our artificial grass isn’t indestructible. As durable and as strong as it is, even the double layer backed Cheltenham can’t contend with the jaws of an Alsatian. If a dog is that determined to chew through the grass, it will do. However, a lot of dog owners who have had our artificial grass installed have said that they now find their pooches automatically find a different spot to dig in such as under bushes and in plant beds.

We know that our grass is safe and non-toxic if ingested – it probably doesn’t taste that great though to be honest – and we know that dogs can’t tell the difference when they step on artificial grass so there are no issues there, but we know that there are concerns. Our customers do trust us, but we wanted to make it clear for everyone so that there’s a point of reference. Another thing we have had queries about is the smell of artificial grass to dogs. Human noses are nowhere near as capable of sniffing out what dogs do, so of course there will be that element of ‘What is this? OHMYGODWHATISTHIS? It smells! It smells different! WHAT IS IIIIIIT!?’ but after a while the grass will smell just like everything else – garden-y. Your dog will love rolling round on it and they’ll not be fussed about running or walking on it, it won’t irritate their paw pads or their fur and like we said, it’s really hard wearing so a huge dog chasing a tennis ball or its own tail on it won’t be an issue. It literally will just be the issue of angry or frenzied claws and teeth.

If you think your dog is likely to attack the grass, then we suggest purchasing a test strip first to see how they react. If your dog has shown aggressive tendencies in the past then this is a good idea. If you have an older dog or a meeker, placid dog then you will most likely be good to go without problems. We would never say that our artificial grass is indestructible because it’s false advertising and it’s taking people’s money without good faith, which we will never ever do. We just wanted to clear up a few queries we have had recently. Like we say, we’ve been asked lots in the past about the suitability of artificial grass for pets and we say that all of our styles are suitable, it’s just a case of picking the one you like best. Artificial grass really does look fantastic so if you’re thinking of having it in your garden, then get in touch with us today to start the ball rolling.

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