Maintaining your QuickGrass

18th January, 2016

Even though artificial grass is stress-free to look after it still involves a certain amount of maintenance to ensure it stays looking bright and beautiful and to guarantee the designated lifetime from your grass. We do want you to enjoy your new lawn but we’d hate you to be under the illusion that it is indestructible.
(Fire bowls? Please don’t…) Nonetheless, artificial grass is far better for the majority of gardens than living grass, and once you’ve got the essentials down you’re good to go.

Understandably the key thing is that you ensure the grass is always uncontaminated and free from debris. Spilling things like tea of juice or ice cream on it won’t do any harm, but things like heavy duty garden chemicals or solutions need to be absolutely kept away because liquids such as these will damage the inner as well as the outer layers of the grass. The best thing for the removal of leaves and other natural bits and bobs is a light plastic rake as it won’t damage the structure. A leaf blower if you have one lying about (like we all do, right…..?) can also be used of course.
For light blemishes and staining, a weak mixture (5% is fine) of household cleaner in hot water is great, followed by a full rinse with additional hot water. For heavyweight soiling however, a repeat of the aforementioned steps followed by a 3% solution of household ammonia in needed. Again, you must ensure you carefully and completely flush through with hot water. The use of mineral spirits and particularly perchlorethylene must be used with caution to stop penetration of the layers beneath the surface.

Daily (weekly during summer when there’s not much leaf fallout) care like brushing with a stiff brush to straighten out the fibres is suggested, as well as ‘cross brushing’ (sweeping the fibre against the grain) which guarantees the right look of the artificial grass. For this, a brush with artificial bristles is fine and never one with metal prongs. All of our artificial grasses are easy to take care of.
The most popular of our grasses is the ‘soft touch’ Woburn, the softest most natural artificial grass on the market (in our humble opinion of course!). It requires practically zero maintenance, and certainly feels and looks just like natural grass! It’s only available in the U.K from us here at Quick Grass, and now we’re branching out into London with more artificial grass installers across the city we’re able to bring our fantastic grasses to the various boroughs across the capital. We’re aiming to be top for artificial grass in London and even though we know it’s a big task, we’re confident that once word spreads about how brilliant and competitively priced are artificial grass is we’ll be laying lush lawns across the capital in no time.
We recently worked with an artificial grass install team in Watford and the result was beautiful. We have installers all over like we said so no matter where you are in London we can pretty much get our grass to you. So, if you’re on the hunt for artificial grass Watford, give us a call today and we will get the ball rolling!

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