Maintenance Free Garden with Artificial Grass

9th October, 2013

Artificial Grass supplied by Quickgrass is now being installed throughout the UK. We have carried out a number of surveys and have found it is becoming very popular indeed with all sorts of different groups.


Quickgrass has been installed in the homes of elderly people who still want to look out at a beautiful well kept lawn but have found the physical mowing and weeding of a conventional lawn is just too much like hard work, maintenance free garden is what is wanted!! At the same time who wants to look out at just decorative stones which still end up having to be weeded.The solution was installing Artificial Grass from Quickgrass. We’ve also just installed a back garden in Solihull with our Woburn Artificial Grass, a professional couple with a young son who loves playing football in the garden. Great whilst the weather is fine and dry but so muddy and messy once the rain comes and even when the rain stops the grounds still wet causing a big muddy mess, not fun at all! Quickgrass have supplied and installed the Artificial Grass and its been fantastic. Football is being played all the time in the back garden, and when the games finished the grass still looks the same, no mud, no mess! Its like having there very own Astro Turf football pitch but with the latest modern synthetic grass fibres giving the appearance of a beautiful manicured lawn.

Quickgrass are just completing the supply of another Artificial Grass Installation in the West Midlands into the beer garden of a local pub. This will be completed shortly and we’ll post some finished pictures and blog all about the fantastic looking garden in our next blog. I can’t wait.

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