Miserable Moss Problems

24th February, 2016

Having a natural living lawn can be a great thing if you’ve got the time to dedicate to it, and if you’re a keen gardener or particularly green fingered then having a live lawn to tend to is a lovely thing. With living grass though problems occur and regular maintenance is a must for a neat and tidy appearance. A big problem that can occur with live grass is that of moss, and due to the many causes it can be difficult to pinpoint where the root of the problem lies.

One of the main causes of moss growth on your lawn are poor drainage which leads to turf that is far too wet. Moisture allows moss the thrive; add in lots of shade and you’ve got a serious problem on your hands. Poor air circulation and not aerating your lawn causes moss also as well as cutting your grass too low, the PH balance of your soil being too acidic, not removing the soggy leaves after autumn and winter, diseased soil and general poor and improper maintenance. Having the right environment for healthy grass growth is important and again the right maintenance is crucial.

For most people this is too much to handle alongside full time work, children, hobbies and other commitments so often grass is left unattended plus many people believe that grass requires no looking after. People will gladly go along with a patchy lawn as long as their children are happy and safe playing on it. Here at QuickGrass we know that patchy mossy lawns don’t have to be something you just put up with or make do with. Our artificial grass takes all the hassle out of your outdoor space bringing you beautiful vibrant grass that requires zero maintenance save a sweep with a stiff brush once in a while to keep the fibres all standing upright nicely.

Because the grass isn’t living – although you can’t tell – you won’t have all the problems that natural lawn owners have including dreaded moss. Our artificial grass is so versatile and we only use materials of the highest quality so that the grass is extremely durable making it great for all year round, and the lifespan is incredible making it fantastic value for money. We’re often asked if we can recommend a specific type of artificial grass for dogs and children – all of our grass is suitable for dogs and children! Any kind of family activity can happen on our artificial grass without worry, so if you’re considering a lawn overhaul get in touch with us and see what QuickGrass can do for you!

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