New Year, New… Dog?

7th January, 2016

Hands up who got a puppy for Christmas? It can be a little bit clichéd but there are a lot of families who take on pets at Christmas time. Unfortunately some of those cute little puppies will be abandoned or sent back to the shelter, but for the lucky ones they will be loving their new lives in a safe and cosy home. If you’re one of the sensible people who dog proofed your home before your new furry friend arrived then we salute you; we love animals here at QuickGrass and love a good rehoming story too.

20151008_160553It’s still winter right now of course, but once it gets warmer and your new four legged friend has had all of their vaccinations, they’ll be able to go outside and have a good old sniff about. Puppies especially are notorious for getting muddy, and because they’re essentially babies they love to explore and don’t realise that mud sticks! The best way to tackle this is too have artificial grass put in. It’s stress-free to look after with no mowing and retains its lush appearance all year round so you don’t have to re-sow grass seeds. Paws and claws won’t do it any harm, rummaging round and playing on it won’t damage it; it’s a steadfast product. Your mutt won’t be able to tell the difference either but you certainly will.

A plus to artificial grass is that weeds cannot live in it, decreasing the likelihood of inquisitiveness making a peckish doggy sick. Due to the fact you don’t need to mow the lawn too, the odds are you probably won’t have to deal with the hazards of trying to entertain your dog whilst keeping them away from wires and unsafe equipment. And of course, the feared mud-covered carpet nightmare will be a thing of the past! Artificial grass for dogs is great, because it’s non-toxic, hygienic and easy to take care of and certainly worth the initial cost due to the durability and long life of the grass. It’s really something to consider to ensure your dog has a safe, happy, healthy and stress free life (You too!

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