On the Move

6th April, 2016

Last year we sent a roll of our Tewkesbury to a family who had ordered the grass for a self-install. They had a gorgeous dog too as well as children however the garden they had was a nightmare. It was slimy and terribly patchy, and completely unable to be played on or used at all. The customer self-installed therefore we didn’t need to send a landscaper out or do any referrals. The end result was fantastic as you can see from these photos! The doggy loved it and they were so pleased with how their hard graft paid off.

Fast forward to this year, and the family are moving house! They’re gutted to be leaving their beautiful artificial lawn behind and so they decided to purchase even more of the Tewkesbury and do it all over again on their new home! That’s commitment to our brand for you and we love it! We also love seeing photos of self-installs, because it makes us really proud. It’s hard work installing artificial grass and when you’re not trained it takes even more dedication, but this family have pulled it off and we have to say it looked incredible as the photos show.

We can’t wait to see the new house and how our Tewkesbury looks after yet another self-install by this family, so once we have received an update we will let you know how it looks! Tewkesbury is also the perfect artificial grass for pets too, being hardwearing but soft at the same time. Our artificial grass has many other benefits as followers of our blog already know, so it might be worth you looking into it for your own lawn too. Spring is well under way and summer isn’t far off, so if you shake a leg you could be relaxing on your very own artificial lawn in time for that lovely sunshine we hope we will be getting every year!

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