Quickgrass Edging System®

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The Quickgrass Edge System® is an easy, no-fuss way to obtain the perfect sub base frame for your artificial grass. Soil and moisture can have destructive effects on traditional materials. Our edging system is rot and moisture resistant, and the perfect alternative choice over Timber products.

  • Made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Lasts up to 40+ years
  • Flexible Material
  • Pet Friendly
  • Easy to Cut to Required Size
  • Edge System – 50mm x 25mm x 3 metres
  • Stakes – 40mm x 40mm x 3 metres

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£18.00per item
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  • Made from 100% recyclable materials
  • Long-lasting – up to 40+ years
  • Flexible – allowing you to shape your new lawn
  • Pet Friendly – unlike timber frames which can absorb urine
  • Perfect depth of 50mm to obtain your frame infill with Granno Grit stone
  • Shape your lawn using the 50mm x 25mm x 3000mm Edge System
  • Fix using our 40mm x40mm x 3000mm Stakes


  • Cut at an angle to make each stake. On average each stake should be cut to a length of 30cm.
  • We suggest to secure frame, starting at one end of 3 metre edge length, one 30cm stake should be secured and then further 30cm stakes should be secured at 60cm intervals along length. That’s on average 5 cut stakes secured to each 3m length of edge for frame construction. Depending on the softness of your ground and if your edge length is curved the number of shorter stakes you use may be more, and you may decide to cut the lengths of your shorter stakes to a slightly longer length to aid securing into ground.
  • Pre-drill and fix edging to the inside of the frame using galvanised screws.
  • Use between a 1mm and 2mm drill bit to pre-drill all the way through the 40mm stake and approximately the first 10mm of edging.
  • Then use 4mm/5mm diameter, 60mm length galvanised screws to secure stake to the inside of the edging frame.
    Alternatively use an automatic screw gun to fix stakes to edges.
  • Use Galvanised 13/14/15mm staples to fix your artificial grass into position around your frame. Use an automatic staple/nail gun to fix staples to frame.
  • Quick and easy no fuss approach to making your subbase frame.

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40mm x 40mm x 3 metre Stake, 50mm x 25mm x 3 metre Edge System