QuickGrass Can Be Recycled!

8th July, 2016

Did you know that amongst the amazing properties and benefits of our artificial grass, is nestling a hidden gem? That’s right, just when you thought our grass couldn’t get any better, it can be recycled! Made from materials which pass the new EU legislation, our artificial grass can be broken down into separate components and used for many other uses once returned to their raw state.

Polyethylene, polypropylene and latex are some of the ingredients used in the manufacture of our artificial grass.  The yarns are 100% Polyethylene, the backing is 100% polypropylene with fleece plus a double secondary coating of black latex compound, and these can all be recycled, we assure you. The materials are separated from each other, and then melted down into chunks or smaller chunks so that they can be distributed where necessary and used for other things. If you’re enviro-conscious then you’ll be happy about that, plus as previously stated these materials and the processes by which they are recycled pass the rules of EU legislation.
Of course, your QuickGrass has a very good lifespan provided you look after it – you know, not putting a fire bowl down on it, making sure fireworks aren’t set alight on it, making sure your dog doesn’t claw the life out of it (we have stated numerous times it isn’t indestructible!), and also just making sure that the general rule of thumb is adhered to. Our artificial grass can be recycled, and we are proud to say that this can be done safely and efficiently too.
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