QuickGrass Exciting News!

1st February, 2016

Stop what you’re doing and listen to this; exciting things are afoot here at QuickGrass Towers! We have brand new grasses! They’re already selling incredibly well and we’ve just taken delivery of another huge roll ready to be cut and sold to our happy customers. Our grass was already pretty much the best you could get, so with the improved grasses as well as the new designs we’re dominating the artificial grass game right now.

Our Parkland, Stratford and Woburn grass have all had an overhaul. Parkland, one of the cheaper options available is now thicker ensuring a more natural feeling underfoot, visually too. Stratford, the dark horse of all our grass, has been remodelled with a slightly longer pile as well as both curled and straight fibres to give a more natural look. Our best selling Woburn is slightly thicker too and sprinkled with fibres which are a somewhat darker shade of green than before. These small touches give our grass the edge, the final flourish which means we stand out from our competitors when it comes to artificial grass.

We also have two completely new styles of grass which are higher end and completely exclusive to us here at QuickGrass. The Marlborough, made from both straight and curly fibres in shades of light green, dark green and some brown colouring, looks incredibly like living grass and is absolutely stunning. It’s made with two layers of latex backing, adding to the plushness and making it even more durable. The Cheltenham is the thickest and most luxurious grass we sell. It is beautiful, a complete understatement really, so you have to see it to believe it. With a pile thickness of a lush 40mm, it also has two substantial layers of latex backing making it the utmost in indulgence and softness.

The thing to bear in mind with these two new grasses is that they both require a sand infill to validate the guarantee. Because they are expensive but yet elite quality, you want to get the most out of the product and to keep it looking stunning for the length of the guarantee which is ten years. A sand infill weighs the grass down and protects the latex and fibres within the structure of the artificial grass, ensuring maximum durability and robustness. All of our grass is strong, durable and long-lasting however Cheltenham and Marlborough, being the high-end products that they are, are best kept protected with a sand infill to ensure you get the ultimate and optimum lifespan.

The same again with all of our grasses, they are enjoyed by humans and pets alike. Artificial grass for families, artificial grass for dogs, artificial grass for the elderly, we have it here at QuickGrass and all at competitive prices.

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