Quickgrass for Dogs and other Pets

30th September, 2015

We’ve explained ‘til we’re blue in the face about how great artificial grass is; the low maintenance, the durability, the softness and the thickness… You know all that already. Now we know we’ve driven that home, it’s time to tell you about how great artificial grass is for pets. Yes, that’s right, you heard it. Dogs, cats… pretty much any pet you have that roams the garden, QuickGrass is for them. No, we haven’t had a bump to the head. Artificial grass is such a great idea for gardens with pets because it’s so easy to keep clean for one thing. It’s tested to the highest safety standards and has no toxicity so it’s not harmful to your furry friends, and you’ll never have to worry about muddy paws!

Quickgrass Richmond pet friendly Artifical Grass
It’s easy to sluice down if they leave you a messy gift (Thanks, Rover…) and because it’s permeable the mess just runs off the grass. Weeds won’t grow up through it either, meaning that there’s no risk of your dog ingesting harmful chemicals from the lawn as you try to kill the weeds off and save your lawn. It also reduces the risk of lungworm, which is fatal to dogs. There’s no chance of worn out patches of grass either if your dog has a favourite spot to roll around, and of course it’s extremely durable so it can withstand rough paws and claws.

QuickGrass has a wide range of style and pile thicknesses at different yet fantastic prices, so we’re pretty much the top choice for artificial grass for dogs. No digging, no burying, no muddy paws, easy to clean and look after, keeps the colour all year round, safe and comfortable for dogs and cats… what more do you need to know? Get in touch today!

Someone who knows exactly just how great QuickGrass is for dogs is our client Katy. She has five beautiful dogs, and now has our artificial grass in her garden. She was really pleased with the finished product and sent us a testimonial: “I cannot recommend Quick Grass highly enough. The Richmond grass is of a very high quality and far superior to the artificial grass samples that were sent to us from other companies. It is a must have for anyone who has dogs as your garden will be useable 365 days a year with no mud!”

And here’s the proof; five happy customers and one happy owner!

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