QuickGrass for Sloping Lawns

21st October, 2015

Natural grass needs certain conditions to grow in; sun, moisture, healthy soil. After rainfall you normally find that the rain seeps down into the lower levels of the earth (giving the worms a nice drink in the process!) leaving the top layer nice and watered, however if your lawn isn’t level this sometimes doesn’t happen quite the way it should. Sloped lawns can be a problem when moisture gathers at the bottom end of the slope, never draining away and causing serious growth and stability problems for the grass and the soil. This can be made worse if the slope finishes in a particularly shaded area. You can spend so much time, effort and money draining your lawn but the truth is the problem will never go away because of the structure of grass and the soil.

Another problem with a sloping lawn is that it can be difficult to keep up with the mowing especially if the slope is steep. Downhill it’s a runaway mower and uphill it’s a ten tonne mower; unless you’re fit as a fiddle and never skip arm day in the gym nobody has time for that. If you’re in your older years too this makes the problem even worse. It’s an odd thing to have, a sloping lawn. It can sometimes be hard to know what to do with it for the best. Imagine you saw a beautiful house you wanted to move into but were maybe put off by the sloped lawn, or if your grandma was getting down about her lovely garden looking tired now she can’t quite get out there like she used to to tend to it. It can really become a burden to some folk.

The best way forward is to install artificial grass. There’s a drainage system already built in with the clever little holes, and you won’t have to worry about the grass drowning in puddles because of compacted soil underneath. The grass keeps the vibrant colour all year long regardless of the weather, and doesn’t need any mowing. There’s almost zero maintenance involved and when the grass is used purely for decoration without any footfall which is sometimes the case with severely sloped lawns, the grass needs no brushing which is how we would normally recommended you look after your artificial grass. This is great for the elderly or for those with disabilities, or indeed for anyone who finds it difficult to look after their lawn or garden due to the sloping nature of the earth.

Here at QuickGrass we love a challenge, and we love to provide solutions to problems resulting in happy satisfied customers. Sloping lawns are no trouble for us and our installation teams – and we have the photographic evidence to support our claims! – so why don’t you get in touch with us and see what we can do for your lawn? Once you’ve chosen to go with QuickGrass artificial grass, you’ll never look back.

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