Woburn Artificial Grass Install Warwickshire

We only work with the best garden designers, landscapers and artificial grass installers and we love to show off the work they do. Today it’s the work of the Deep Rooted Landscape Company, our approved Quickgrass artificial grass installer in the Dunchurch, Warwickshire area. This particular project features our premium Woburn artificial grass, one of the finest, most luxurious artificial grasses available. The Woburn grass was installed on the lower tier of a newly created split level garden.

Deep Rooted Landscaping Company

To see more artificial grass installations from the Warwickshire based Deep Rooted Landscape Company please click here. The Deep Rooted Landscape Company are a small family run business who provide a professional, cost effective and creative landscaping service. To find out more please visit their website at www.deep-rooted.co.uk.

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