QuickGrass in Cardiff! (That’s Right, We’re Crossing Borders!)

16th June, 2016

We’re slowly but surely getting our gorgeous artificial grass to the corners of the nation, meaning that people are hearing about our products and are wanting to have our grass in the gardens! The latest jaunt our artificial grass has been on is to Cardiff, and it was our fantastic Tewkesbury this time that the customer chose. Our approved installer, Eddie of Down to Earth Gardening, did a fantastic job with this particular install.

You can see from the pictures how great it looks, and of course as our grass is exclusive ‘soft touch’ you can bet your life that it not only looks brilliant, but that it feels natural and lifelike underfoot, comfortable and cool. Our ‘soft touch’ grass is only available from us, no other supplier will be able to get this for you, so make sure you buy from us with authenticity and quality in mind.

For people living down in Cardiff, QuickGrass may not be the first manufacture of artificial grass that springs to mind for them as we’re not local, however, if it’s quality and top service you’re after then we’re your best bet. It’s worth it for the amazing grass even if it means waiting just that little bit longer for it to arrive, because it really is astounding. As avid followers of our blog know, the benefits of artificial grass are fantastic so if it means looking further afield then you should really consider this option. UV stable meaning a crisp lush colour all year round, soft underfoot, safe for children as well as pets, no maintenance required, longevity of life… Convinced yet??

For all artificial grass needs in Cardiff and the surrounding areas, contact us today; we’d love to hear from you!QG1

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