QuickGrass in Huddersfield

4th July, 2016

Over in Huddersfield, one of our approved installers S.C.P Landscapes is working on a special project. Using our Tewkesbury artificial grass, a fantastic play area is going to be tailor made for a child with special needs. A circular indentation has been dug out in which a trampoline is going to be installed, so that it is level with the ground making it safer; no raised levels. The trampoline is going to be surrounded by our Tewkesbury, making the entire area soft and safe as well as durable. Other specialised playground equipment will be installed too, specifically designed for children with special or additional needs, so that there will be a wonderful, safe and immersive environment for the child to enjoy. We’ll be checking in with S.C.P Landscapes as the install progresses; we can’t wait to see the finished creation!


Our artificial grass is perfect for this type of garden as it is not only soft and safe for children of all ages, it is extremely durable and the longevity of life is fantastic. Having a child with special needs can sometimes bring about extra financial strains, such as petrol or other travel costs to hospital appointments, alterations made to the home to ensure it’s a safe environment, and things like extra food or equipment that parents may not qualify for help for. Investing in our artificial grass is something that will absolutely ensure that there will always be a safe haven for the child to play in, or to relax or be able to release their energy in. If you have a special needs child with sensory issues, our grass can provide a safe material for them to touch and run their fingers through, and because there is no mud you don’t have to worry about ingestion. Rolling round and rubbing the fibres of the grass don’t cause any harm either, because it’s soft and not at all scratchy.

We’ll be keeping you updated on the progress of this install over the next few weeks, so keep your eye out. We can’t wait for the photos of our artificial grass being used!


Quickgrass UK