QuickGrass in Schools

16th November, 2015

Who remembers their primary school days? For some of us it’s a distant memory, but having kids changes that and triggers off nostalgic feelings when it comes to school. Remember wet play? Having to stay in the classroom and play board games or colour, and the windows would steam up from the rain outside and the warmth inside? If you had a nice teacher they had a basket of toys under their desk for wet play (“Bagsy the fire engine!”) and you didn’t mind staying in. But then when the rain stopped and you were eventually allowed out you had to stay off the grass… Where’s the fun in that?

With QuickGrass artificial grass there is no need at all to stay off the grass after a wet spell, even if it was particularly lashing down. Our grass has a really clever system, with tiny little drainage holes which allows the rain water to seep away from the top layer enabling three hundred little pairs of feet – three hundred and three pairs if the teachers on duty are included! – to step straight on and begin their fifteen minutes of mayhem between lessons.

What’s even better is that because our artificial grass isn’t live, there’s no soil to contend with, and no mud equals no mess which will more than go down a treat with the parents. No more dirty scuffed shoes, no more muddy knees, and no more “Miss! Jamie’s eating soil!” (There’s always one). It’s UV stable, too, meaning it keeps its lovely vibrant colour all year round and won’t fade or turn yellow. It’s extremely hardwearing and durable, so three hundred children running round on it won’t damage it or cause patches in the grass. It holds up in winter too even in the snow and frost so the caretaker can breathe a sigh of relief come November time. All that’s required is a sweep with a stiff yard brush, and the removal of the build-up of dead leaves.

Our prices are competitive too, and we have different kinds of grass to choose from giving you complete control. Our prices differ to suit budgets so there something for everyone. It’s a great investment for a school. Most schools have a Parent Teacher Association group for fundraising so it could be something to aim for over the course of a year. Whichever way it happens, artificial grass is fantastic for schools. If you’re a parent at as school or even a teacher, we would love to help you out with getting artificial grass for your school!

Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and we will be more than happy to help.

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