QuickGrass Luxury Lawns

1st February, 2016

Our new Cheltenham artificial grass is absolutely incredible. It’s so thick and lush, it’s the ultimate in comfort and style. The two layers of thick latex backing underneath the grass surface make it exceptionally durable and hard wearing, maintaining the life of the product giving you value for money and the grass longevity of life. The grass fibres are the thickest in our range, long and soft to give the most realistic look as well as a natural feeling, even in bare feet. Add in a sand infill to weight down and protect the grass and the structure below and you have the ultimate artificial grass. Lots of celebrities use artificial grass in their homes and it’s no wonder – not only is it zero maintenance and easy to install, it looks absolutely stunning and beautiful to boot.


Our Cheltenham would be perfect for a celebrity, or even a footballer – they can afford it no problem! – But don’t let the status fool you, you can have this grass too. Think about the yearly cost of maintaining a living lawn – lawn mower fuel or power, fertilizer, the time and energy you spend cutting away weeds and pulling up dandelions and nettles and whatnot. . . it all adds up. Not to mention how grim your grass looks in winter; depressing isn’t the word. Once you make that initial investment of having our gorgeous artificial grass installed, you’re fuss free for at least ten years. We’re not like other artificial grass suppliers. We actually care about our customers and the aftercare we provide, as well as the aftercare our approved installers give. You won’t regret making the jump to artificial grass once you’ve seen our range!

Quickgrass UK