QuickGrass Too Much Rain!

9th February, 2016

What on Earth is going on? It’s not far off resembling monsoon season at the minute, and we’d bet a penny to a pound there are many gardens across Britain looking very waterlogged right now. The thing with all this rain is, it suffocates natural grass and stops it growing which results in a patchy lawn. If the rain continues your lawn will eventually drown, and it is very difficult to drain a waterlogged lawn. If the water is in the deeper layers, it’s even harder. It’s costly and time consuming, and in this weather it’s a really big job.

The thing about artificial grass is, it has a clever drainage system. There are many tiny holes in the structure, allowing water to drain away gradually into the soil rather than being hammered in one go by a rain storm. It’s no problem at all when you’ve got artificial grass because the rain just drains away. You won’t have to worry about a barren garden either, as artificial grass retains its colour and vibrancy all year long. It saves you money in the long run, as well as peace of mind.

QuickGrass artificial grass is amazing all year round for all sorts of reasons. It’s perfect for big lawns, little lawns, narrow lawns, flower gardens, gardens with water features, you name it, artificial grass is the way to go and especially now the weather isn’t all that great. Nobody wants to look out of their window and see dank and soggy soil. If you’re worried about pets or children not being able to enjoy artificial grass then worry not, because our grass is the best artificial grass for dogs and children in the U.K. You have to see it to believe it, so pop in or request a sample now, and you won’t regret it.

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