Scorching sun can play havoc with grass

20th July, 2016

The UK finally got its summer yesterday. Yes, one whole day. Blue skies were seen, the temperature managed to push itself past 30C and the elusive sun was even seen shining high in the sky.

In typical British fashion, nobody knew how to cope with it. Office buildings were abandoned, people started to strip off in the street and basically, the whole country went into meltdown. Nearly literal meltdown at that.

Nothing is safe from the scorching hot sun, including our gardens and grass.

Grass is a fickle little being. It’s a little bit like Goldilocks in the sense that it can’t deal with extremes; for grass to thrive and look beautiful it needs conditions to be “just right.”

Too much cold and wet can leave grass saturated, lacklustre and waterlogged – it doesn’t look pretty and it definitely doesn’t provide an enjoyable experience for anyone. Too much hot sun and dryness can leave grass looking bleached out, can cause bare patches and similarly leaves it looking really sparse and unattractive. It’s also incredibly uncomfortable to experience it.

Like the pale folk that inhabit this island, British grass just can’t cope with scorching hot sun which is why we think it’s always better to just fake it. We’re the leading supplier of artificial grass in London and we’ve seen how people can fake their gardens to get the beautiful lawn of their dreams. The artificial stuff isn’t affected by weather and doesn’t need “just right” conditions to thrive – it just does. Contact us to find out more information on the product range we have.

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