Small Garden Inspiration!

19th May, 2016

If you’re lucky enough to have a sprawling back garden, then hats off to you. Most Londoners however don’t have that luxury and if we look at gardens in inner city London, that’s even more so the case. A lot of London homes have dinky little back yards with not much room for design and putting your own stamp on. That’s why we’ve got amazing tips and tricks here for you, courtesy of Wayfair, an amazing company incorporating homeware and garden brands with inspirational mood boards so that customers can really let their imaginations run wild when it comes to their homes and outdoor spaces.

Of course we fully advocate the use of artificial grass in any garden regardless of size, so that’s a given, but what about the rest of the space? You may want a flagged area in order to have a BBQ, maybe some sort of rockery or flower bed to add visuals, bringing depth and texture. With such a small space it can be tricky but keeping it simple with clean sharp lines is the way forward more often than not. It’s best not to overcomplicate things, and so keeping the colours of the surrounding fences or walls neutral and light will open the space right up first and foremost. Don’t be afraid to fix planters to the walls either, just don’t overdo it because it could potentially feel too enclosed. Less is more in this instance. That said when you choose flowers, pick bold ones as they add texture and shape, and bring what was possibly a boring squat square yard to life.

Try not to add too many visual aspects; a few main features are best. You need space to move around, you don’t want to be stepping over plants and shrubs constantly. That’s not relaxing at all! The same goes for the floor – artificial grass aside, decking makes for beautiful lines in a small garden as do slabs in a pale colour, again opening up the space. Just like clothing, vertical lines of decking will elongate the space you have, and horizontal decking widens a narrow garden. As much as the space you have may be small, don’t be tempted to buy cheaper materials and use labour that isn’t quite up to scratch. It’s even more important that you get it right to make sure the small space looks perfect and you can enjoy it just as you would if it was a sprawling country garden.
Small lawns, even though they’re not natural park sized, can still require work. That’s why artificial grass is best, that way you can concentrate on keeping the small space as a whole in order.

Wayfair think the same as us when it comes to artificial grass, recommending that a “high quality artificial lawn” looks best even in small spaces, and that’s where we come in! We may not be able to sell you some beautiful peonies or freesias for your garden but we can certainly help you achieve a gorgeous natural look with our exclusive soft touch artificial grass!

Thanks to Wayfair for letting us use their article, and to read the full original infographic (which we recommend you do!) see below!

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