Something a Little Different

9th May, 2016

We keep insisting that we have approved installers all over the UK, and here’s another story to back up that fact! Village Green Landscapes in Somerset used our Richmond grass to create a stunning and visually interesting garden. Incorporating a 4m x 4m raised lawn, the final result was fantastic and meant that the customer no longer had to haul a heavy mower up the wooden steps to take care of the lawn. The existing flagstones and decking are perfectly complemented now, and the differing textures, colours and materials used make for an eye-catching outdoor space. The customer no longer has to worry about the garden, as now there is no live grass to contend with. All that is required now is a sweep to remove any debris such as fallen leaves, and a sluice down every now and again to freshen the space up.

Artificial grass Somerset

This is one of the reasons that our artificial grass is so amazing, it can be used pretty much anywhere on any surface, and can be cut to any shape or size. It really complements any kind of existing garden or outdoor space, as it works well with all kinds of shades of materials such as beige and sandy browns of woods, greys of flagstones and other shades such as mahogany, teak, deep brown and white. It really is versatile and the colours are so rich and vibrant, and with the raised lawn bed of this particular install it really draws your eye to the natural appearance. Artificial grass has come a long long way and we think Village Green Landscapes have done a brilliant job with ours!

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