That’s Paw-some!

8th September, 2016

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. If you have a dog, you know the score when you walk through the door after leaving earlier that morning; furry tails wagging with happiness, beady eyes fixated upon your every movement and enough kisses to last a life time as the huge bundle of fluff inevitably knocks you to the floor with excitement.

Each dog is different. Many prefer a simple tummy rub and a cuddle, whilst others want you to chase them around the garden for an eternity and throw their favourite tennis ball. Of course, you have to collect it though. The personalities of our four legged friends are so precious that it’s hard to say no to something so loyal.

But when it comes to the welfare of your yard, you may have to do just that.

Come rain or shine, after all those evening run arounds, it’s likely that the garden grass could use some TLC. The paw prints in the mud, the skidding to catch the ball and the jumping around has caused so much damage to the quality of your natural grass, you find yourself wondering whether it’s even salvageable anymore.

With Quickgrass there’s another way!

Swapping out your natural lawn for artificial grass means that your dog can run around once again without the hassle of muddy paw prints around the home or slowly running the lawn with every tennis ball adventure. Not only is artificial grass low maintenance, it is also dog friendly and non-toxic. This means when your pup gets an upset tummy and reaches for the grass, it won’t cause any harm.

Plus, it is perfectly dog-proof which means that any answers to natures calling such as waste can be easily removed by it picking up and washing away any excess with water. The artificial grass won’t even become stained!

Has your beady eyed friend caused havoc on the lawn?  If so, it’s time to make the swap to artificial grass! Get in touch with us today and order a sample pack.

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